Cordoba & Cadiz

Wow I’ve been busy lately!!! I have not had much time to write as homework has been piling up & I have been spending each day exploring more of Sevilla, so sorry for the delay of this post! Last weekend, Jason visited me & I got to show him around Sevilla, which was so much fun! However, this post is about the weekend before..On Saturday, February 9th, I traveled to Cordoba with my program. It was about a 2 hour bus ride to get there. We spent the day touring all of Cordoba, including the Alcázar (fort), Mezquita (Mosque) Catedral, and Sinagoga (Synagogue). Cordoba is a very interesting and beautiful city as it represents a variety of cultures through its architecture with Roman, Muslim, Jewish, and Christian influences. I would describe the beauty of Cordoba to you all but I figured it would be easier to see for yourselves:

The next day, my friends & I took our first independent trip to Cádiz. Cádiz is a small city right on the Mediterranean Sea & is only an hour train ride from Sevilla. Obviously we could not go in the water or even wear a bathing suit for that matter but it was still nice to be on the beach since the weather was nice and sunny. We spent the day by the sea & climbed to the top of Torre Tavira (Tavira Tower). From the top of the tower, there was a 360 degree view of the city, which was absolutely breathtaking. While I was there, I learned the significance of Cádiz as it is where Christopher Columbus set sail towards America as well as being the main trading port for all of Spain wayyy back in the day. I am so glad that I was able to see two amazing cities in a 2 day span!!!

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