Truly a Moroccan Fantasy Weekend

2 weeks ago, my friends & I traveled to Africa….that is a sentence I never thought I would be able to type. 2 weeks later, I am still in disbelief of how incredible my experience in Morocco was. Morocco has always been a place that I have been curious about visiting & since I am studying abroad in Sevilla, which is close to the African border, I cannot think of a more perfect opportunity to go. My friends & I decided to travel through a local tour group called We Love Spain, which I highly recommend to anyone studying abroad in Spain who is thinking of traveling to Morocco. They are highly experienced & plan the entire trip with hotel accommodations & food included so all I had to was show up & enjoy the weekend. Also, I felt 100% safe the entire time while traveling through Morocco. The bus picked us up from Sevilla on Friday morning & made a pit stop in Gibraltar on our way to Africa. Gibraltar is located in Spain but is British territory so it was another country to check off my list! We spent our free time in Gibraltar climbing a mountain & playing with the wild monkeys that we discovered at the top of the mountain. Just another typical Friday afternoon!

After my workout in Gibraltar (according to the health app on my phone, I climbed 116 flights of stairs), the journey continued towards Morocco. In order to get to Morocco, you have to take a ferry & I have never taken one before besides to get to Mackinac Island so I had no idea what to expect. Let’s just say the ferry surpassed all of my expectations & reminded me of a cruise ship. Maybe all ferries are like this & I just had no idea but either way the ferry ride was a great experience for me & I was very excited about it LOL. Once we arrived in Morocco & got through customs (another great reason to travel to Africa with a tour group because they do all of it for you & make the process, which is normally very difficult, a piece of cake) we arrived at our hotel in Tetuan. The hotel we stayed at was BEAUTIFUL. My friend Sofia & I shared a room & had our own private balcony that overlooked the Mediterranean Sea, which was absolutely breathtaking to watch the sunrise from Saturday & Sunday morning since we had to me up so early for excursions.

On Saturday, we got back on the bus & traveled to Tangier to ride the camels on the Atlantic Ocean (yes Morocco has access to many bodies of water lol). This was the highlight of the entire trip as I never thought a camel could bring me such joy but I was proven wrong. Again, as I am writing this blog, I am still in awe that I am able to say that I rode a camel in Morocco on the Atlantic Ocean…after that great experience, we traveled to Chefchaouen, or also known as the “Blue City”. Fun fact: all of the buildings in Chefchaouen are painted blue to keep away mosquitoes. Also, the city was built by Muslims from areas in southern Spain, like Granada. The city is situated between the mountains, which offers some amazing views. While there, we visited a fabric co-op where we had the opportunity to see where the local women make scarves, blankets, & many other fabrics. To end the night, we traveled back to Tetuan & went to a restaurant for dinner that had Arabian dancers & the most popular Moroccan dish, couscous!

On the last day, we explored Tetuan, which is where our hotel is located. It was a very interesting experience to say the least as we were led through an authentic local market & my oh my was it authentic. Also, we visited a local pharmacy where we had the opportunity to buy oils & spices. My experience in Morocco was truly once in a lifetime & I am so lucky that I had the opportunity to go. Also, it made it even better traveling with a tour group because not only did I never have to worry about my safety or planning anything, I also learned so much. Our tour bus had one guide that was from the United States & then we also had a guide who was from Morocco. So while we would be traveling on the bus & looking out the window, he would explain the history behind everything, which was so so interesting. I would recommend traveling to Morocco to anyone because I truly took so much out of the experience as well as created so many lifetime memories.

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