Across Europe in 3 Weekends

Wow what a busy past couple of weeks I have had! The month of March has flown by with all of the presentations and tests in my classes along with traveling to London, Amsterdam, and Paris in the span of 3 weekends. I am very lucky to be studying abroad at the same time as my boyfriend because not only am I able to see so many amazing places, but I am also able to experience and share these awesome memories with someone else! Instead of going through my entire itinerary from the past 3 weekends, I am going to let you all live vicariously through the ample amount of photos I have posted below. I honestly cannot pick a favorite out of the three cities. London, Amsterdam, and Paris are all beautiful in their own way and have so many unique cultural and historical aspects.

March 8-10: London

March 15-17: Amsterdam

March 22-25: Paris

Hopping on an airplane & flying somewhere new every single weekend is not only exciting, but exhausting at the same time. I love seeing new places in the world & continuing to make amazing memories, however, I am beyond lucky to have such a beautiful place to come “home” to after every perfect weekend of traveling. Sevilla makes me excited to return rather than sad to leave whichever place I was in that weekend.

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