The Last Hurrah: Feria

My last few weeks in Sevilla were so busy & I wanted to enjoy & take advantage of every single second so that is why this blog entry is a bit delayed. I have been home for almost a week now & I still miss Sevilla every single day…but that is for another entry. For now, I want to talk & reflect on my absolute favorite part from my time in Sevilla: Feria. Feria is the famous & very underrated spring fair that occurs in Sevilla every single year. Thousands of people come to Sevilla for this week long fair & it truly is like nothing else I have ever experienced. First of all, it is located in the neighborhood that I lived in, Los Remedios, which made the experience even more enjoyable because I could come & go as I pleased every single day. The unique aspect of this fair is that all the women dress up in flamenco dresses & all the men dress very nicely. It is very comparable to high school prom except for the entire population of Sevilla. Many of the streets are closed off just for the fair & there are hundreds of “casetas” or tents. The tents are super glamorous including chandeliers, wooden floors, private bars with bartenders, & more. The owners of the casetas invite all of their family & friends & it is a huge party that never ends. The casetas all have a kitchen with many tapas & snacks for people to eat throughout the day as well as a bar for endless rebujito. Rebujito is the popular drink at Feria, which is manzanilla (a dessert wine) mixed with 7 up. During the day is dedicated to flamenco dancing & then by night, the younger crowd takes over the casetas with a DJ & plays reggaeton or club music & it is just a huge party at every single caseta. Also, if all of that was not enough fun, there are also many rides & carnival games, which is like a county fair on steroids. It is endless fun!!! There is not an official end time to Feria so it really just goes until they want the party to end. I would head back to my apartment at 7:30 in the morning & that was considered early! When asked what my favorite memory from Sevilla was, I say Feria 100%. It was truly like nothing I have ever experienced there & is so special to Sevilla specifically. It also helped that I took a flamenco dance class all semester so I felt very included in all the fun 🙂

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