Reverse Culture Shock

Since being home, sometimes I feel like I never left, but then something simple will remind me of Sevilla & then I miss that beautiful city all over again. Nothing about my hometown is similar to Sevilla at all so it definitely has been a hard adjustment. I miss the people, the food, the culture, the city, & everything in between of Sevilla. I had such a routine in Sevilla that included crossing over River Guadalquivir & passing La Catedral on my way to class as well as the flamenco dancers dancing in the street. Everyone would be outside walking & enjoying the beautiful in the streets. I miss the sound of the Spanish language & how often I would speak it naturally to everyone around me. The one goal I have since being back in the United States is to not lose my progress in my Spanish speaking abilities because I have improved so much since studying in Sevilla that I am fully confident in my abilities to speak in any given situation. Also, with all the travel that I did while in Europe, I thought I would be crossing places off my bucket list but the list has continued to grow with new places I want to visit & especially returning back to some of the cities that have become my favorites, obviously with Sevilla being number one. Studying abroad in Sevilla was the best decision I ever made & I am so grateful & especially now being home, I realize how lucky I am to have been able to see so much & indulge myself into such a beautiful culture. I can say with full confidence that along with Saint Mary’s, I consider Sevilla a second home.

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